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Stylish Fabric Cat Harness

Custom-made Fabric Cat Harness
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5% of all sales are donated to Cat Rescues!

The Original cat harness. Custom made harness for your Cat with the fun and stylish fabric of your choice.

This version of our popular Mesh Harness is made with mesh fabric underneath with an added overlay of your choice of designer cotton fabric on top for added style and pizazz. Cat Harness Fabric Options (<<< -------- click on link for photos)

Originally created in 1991 for Dachshunds with Back Problems, this Vet and Surgeon Approved Harness was quickly adapted by Cat Lovers everywhere. Our seamstresses have over 20 years of experience making pet clothing of all breeds, shapes and sizes.

Made of durable, cool, poly-knit mesh underneath and a fashionable solid cotton or cotton-poly fabric overlay of your choice on top. Easy to put on with velcro closures. No straps. No rubbing or choking. Transfers pulling pressure to chest area. This cat harness is so lightweight, they will hardly know it's on.

Our cat harness is custom made to fit your Cat. Don't waste your money on a pre-made harness that's made to fit a variety of different sized Cats. Cats don't come in standard sizes... your harness shouldn't either. Our harness is hand-tailored to fit one Cat only - YOURS. Our harness offers the BEST FIT possible for your Cat. ** Available for International Shipping to most areas - inquire within **

This comfortable, hand tailored and custom-fitted cat harness is easy on your cat for handling at vet appointments, traveling, walking your cat, visiting friends and family or just taking them out on the balcony, porch or back yard. Wherever you plan to take your cat, our cat harness will provide peace of mind knowing that your cat is safe and comfortable.

An OPTIONAL Reflective Tape for seeing your cat at night or in dark areas is also available.

Our cat harness is Veterinary Approved and each is made by hand and sewing machine. We specialize in products for Cats because this is the breed we love. We pride ourselves in supplying the best quality and innovative Cat products.

Product Details:
* Custom, made-to-order to fit YOUR Cat
* Mesh under-layer is great breathable material, nearly eliminates sweating/wetness
* Fun and stylish fabric top layer providing a designer look
* East to put on and take off
* No more choking. All pressure goes to chest area.
* Washable and dryable

** Handmade in the U.S.A. BY Cat Lovers FOR Cat Lovers **

How to Measure your Cat for a Harness
Neck - Around the Neck where the collar fits
Chest - Around the Body / Rib cage behind the front legs

*** If you need a smaller or larger size harness that is not listed, please contact us ***

Please allow up to 10 business days to make your custom-made Cat Harness.